“A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on.”

The Disinfo Lab launched in 2017 with two goals: 

1. Find innovative ways of combatting disinformation using software, design and new technologies.

2. Establish Kyiv (Ukraine) as a centre of expertise in understanding disinfo techniques, sources and solutions.


In the connected world of 24-hour media, social media, rolling news, and ubiquitous smartphones – lies and disinformation spread quickly. Fake news, propaganda and state-sponsored disinformation can inflict great harm on nations and communities. Today, perhaps more than ever, the truth needs to ‘pull its boots on’ and citizens need help to distinguish the lies from the truth.

Few countries know this as much as Ukraine which, for the past four years, has been targeted by, and the subject of an unprecedented amount of disinformation. Even fewer have the expertise and experience that Ukrainians their supporters have developed to defend themselves against this disinformation.

In the past few years, Kyiv has been home to a number of professional and well-run projects and developed a wealth of experience in this area. In addition to this, the local IT, software and digital design industries are booming, giving Ukraine an impressive technical edge that can be harnessed for good causes.

So, by linking software engineers, designers and (dis)information experts, we believe we can develop modern and smart solutions to this age-old problem.

Our first project has been to create an online ‘social network’ of disinformation specialists. A ‘Disinfo Hub’.

The hub links academics and disinfo experts together with designers and software developers, creating a global forum for people interested in this subject.

Over the coming months and years, we will enhance this platform and deliver many more creative solutions to aid citizens and governments tackle the phenomenon of disinformation and subversive propaganda.

The Team

Ivana Smolenova
Email: ivana@disinfolab.com

Ian Bearder
Email: ian@disinfolab.com

Victor Miletsky 

Samuel Adegoke 

Vladimir Gleba

Roman Antonenko
Graphic Designer/Animator

Max Amador
Graphic Designer